Working together to provide the perfect place for people who prefer living to managing a home.

The Croft is a unique development brought to you by two of the region's leading housing specialists. Keystone Developments and Larkfleet Homes have teamed up to capitalise on the strengths of both organisations, offering the very best planning, design, construction and ongoing maintenance.


Keystone Developments was formed within Longhurst Group to specailise in the development of private sale housing, particularly retirement properties and family homes. Although a relatively new company, Keystone has the backing and reassurance that comes with Longhurst's extensive experience of developing, building and managing homes for over 30 years.

The focus of Keystone is on the ongoing needs of it's customers. By creating high quality designs and sustainable new developments, we aim to provide what are truly 'lifetime' homes for the residents.

When a purchaser moves into a Keystone home, any on-going scheme management will be provided by our Longhurst property management team. Our aim is to provide freedom from the stress and anxiety that can be associated with owning a home in retirement. We are an award winning member if ARHM's (the Association for Retirement Housing Managers), an organisation committed to high standards and ethics in managing retirement housing and providing services.


Larkfleet Homes - part of the Larkfleet Group - is an award-winning housing developer. The company has an enviable reputation for producing high quality sustainable developments using innovative technology and construction methods, delivered to exceed customers' expectations.

Larkfleet has a particularly strong reputation for constructing homes with high standards of energy efficiency. These cut energy bills for home owners and help to reduce carbon emissions as part of the fight against global warming.

Based in Bourne - not far from The Croft - Larkfleet is a significant local employer. It contributes to the surrounding community in a variety of ways, from making charitable donations through to supporting businesses when buying products and services.



Contact: 01775 717366


The Croft is an exclusive retirement community developed by Larkfleet Homes and Keystone Developments.

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